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I had the chance to work with Jennifer Sosa as a second shooter for two weddings last year. I had not been able to blog this wedding before. It was really difficult to choose the images to publish on my blog.
The Ceremony and Reception took place at The Washington, Historic Yellow Springs, PA. I drove 2 1/2 hours that day, but I will say that this wedding was absolutely unique. From the venue to the ceremony where the bride dedicated a song to the groom. During the reception, I felt that I was attending a concert. There were seven performances throughout the night.
I will be forever grateful with Jennifer for giving me this opportunity to work with her.
I would not think twice to photography a wedding in this beautiful venue again.

Enjoy the images

Monica Mendoza is a New Jersey and Destination Photographer. She has  candid and natural style and her main objective it to capture the wedding day as it happens. You may contact her by emailing at


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June 16, 2015



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