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I will share a few details of how Jon propose to Lauren in his own words:
“Her plan was to come and spend Friday and Saturday down in Maryland. I hardly slept friday night. Saturday morning, she and I hiked up to cliffs overlooking the hills in Harford Country, Maryland. Little did she know, I had hiked up there earlier in the week and scouted out places for my friends to hide and take photos of the big event. We walked out to the edge of the cliffs and the day could not have been more beautiful, the sun was shining and the leaves turning color was in full effect. The moment had finally come… except for the fact that we had 3 people and 2 dogs in the way. After sitting and making small talk for about 15 minutes, the other hikers finally cleared the area. We stood out on the edge, and I fumbled over the speech I had gone over hundreds of times in my head. It didn’t really matter as Lauren couldn’t have heard what I was saying over her own sobbing. I dropped to my knee and asked her to marry me. I’m still waiting for verbal confirmation but her nodding head, acceptance of the ring, and continued sobbing will do for now.”

Every wedding I photograph is beautiful, every couple has a story and I love capturing those stories. Thank you Lauren and Jon for allowing me to be part of this special day!

Monica Mendoza is a New Jersey  Wedding Photographer. She has  candid and natural style and her main objective it to capture the wedding day as it happens. You may contact her by emailing at


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June 28, 2015



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