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I recently joined a group in Facebook for Wedding Photographers and Second Shooters. I have been focusing on Lifestyle Sessions for the last two years and I really enjoy capturing all the families and babies that I had the pleasure of meeting.

At the beginning of this year, I made a decision to start shooting weddings. This was something I had been considering for a while, but I was not sure how to start booking clients or market to get into the Wedding Photography industry. However, I was determined that it was something I wanted to accomplish.

I started following all of my favorite wedding photographers and the more I look at their work, the more I knew this was the right path for my business. Then my brother asked me to be his wedding photographers and I was thrilled! This was my opportunity to really see how a wedding day unfolds and being that it was my brother I was not as nervous, however I am perfectionist and I wanted to capture their day the same way as a photographer that has being doing it for least I was going to try 🙂

I needed to know a little more about wedding photography and with so many resources online, workshops, courses, videos, it can definitely be overwhelming. I came across Susan Stripling Wedding Photography Course on Creative Live and I said “I need to start with a course that gives me everything I need so that I can feel comfortable shooting my brother’s wedding”. Well, this course was exactly that. I shot the wedding and my brother and his wife were very happy with my work!! Mission accomplished!

Now, I needed to get more clients, but how?  I knew I had a portfolio from my brother’s wedding and this could help me with my prospective clients. I also wanted to continue perfecting my craft and learn more and more about wedding photography.

After I joined the Facebook group, I started applying for second shooting opportunities. Being a second shooter would provide me with additional knowledge and would help me master my skills.

Last month I was very lucky to be a second shooter for Julie Lim Photographer.  She is a Wedding Photographer based in California and she traveled last month for a wedding in New Jersey.  What a great experience it was to be a second shooter for Julie Lim. She is an amazing person and artist!

This post includes the images I took for Julie Lim.  I will be always be grateful for this opportunity and I hope that our paths cross again and I am so lucky to work along her side.


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September 2, 2014



  1. Jeff Stroosnyder says:

    Beautiful work Monicam

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